Make Money Selling Your Scrap Cars

Working on, and rebuilding automobiles has been a favorite past time for men since the first Model A rumbled off the assembly line. All too often this weekend hobby has a tendency to leave a garage, or yard cluttered with the remnants of former projects. Instead of letting your landscape become overrun, why not make a little money selling your scrap cars?

Besides making your wife very happy, cleaning up your homemade junkyard might just be more lucrative than you would have ever imagined. But it is not always easy to find buyers for cars that do not run, or are in poor condition.

Placing ads, or trying to sell your old wreckage to secondhand dealers is a time-consuming process that can quickly become frustrating, when you find yourself haggling with a used car dealer, or average Joe, both of whom want to get the item for rock bottom prices.

First-tier consumers often will not be able to recognize the remaining value of an undrivable vehicle. They are often not looking at the sum of the parts that make up the whole. Many times once an old clunker outlives its usefulness it is still possible find someone willing to give you a fair market value for the entirety of the clunker based on the value of its individual parts. But you need to find the right buyers.

The resale market for car parts is a booming industry, but not everyone coming to look at your junk commuter will tell you this, choosing instead focus on the fact that it does not drive in an effort to get the lowest price possible. These automobile headhunters are only interested in getting something for nothing, so they can maximize their own profit when they go to sell the parts.

So who do you turn to when you need to find someone trustworthy who will be fair and honest when it comes to evaluating the worth of your dead projects collection?

If you live in Minnesota, contact Minnesota Car Buyer today and we will get the ball bouncing so you can get your shop cleaned up for another round of projects.

Call us today and we will ask you a few simple questions regarding the shape of your unwanted horseless carriage. If it no longer runs we’ll ask you to take a couple of photographs with your smart phone and send them to us so we can get an idea of the value.

Our staff of highly trained mechanics have decades of experience in this industry and we pride ourselves on being honest and sharing the truth about how much your vehicle is worth. After a qualified mechanic assesses the value of your vehicle we will likely make you a cash offer on spot. Even if the vehicle is unworthy of restoration, will offer you the estimated scrap value, and haul away your wreckage at no charge.

Don’t wait for one more project to pile up, call us today and let us clean up the clutter around your shop, or garage!

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