Do People Really Buy Junk Cars?

You had better believe they do! In fact, an entire salvage industry exists solely for the purpose of reclaiming, recycling, and restoring unwanted automobiles. Once you discover how many cars need towed away each year after they cease to run, you’ll quickly understand why someone would want to take the trouble to buy junk cars.

It breaks down like this; there are two types of automobile disposal entities. One group, known as Wreckers, are mostly interested in vehicles that are no longer restorable, or have the ability to ever be driven again. These wreckers are primarily interested in profitability that arises from dissecting the vehicle, and selling off the individual parts in the after-market auto parts industry.

The second category are called Processors, these folks are only interested in the value of the vehicle as it pertains to the steel mill industry. Unlike their counterparts, it is not the aftermarket pieces of wreckage they’re after, rather the bulk steel and other metals, which they collect and sell to the ferrous scrap metal industry, more commonly referred to as Steel Mills.

Wreckers seek out older, or “classic” styles that have either been in smashup’s that left them beyond repair, or they simply have deteriorated over time from lack of use and care. Their intention is based in the idea that they can restore, and correct the damage and then turn around and resell the busted buggy for profit.

These specialists are the go-getters of the salvage industry, and obtain leads and locate profitable wreckage from a variety of resources including personal sales ads, second-hand dealers, and they even attend live auctions searching for good deals..

Processors look at damaged rides from a different perspective. To them the only thing of value on a car, or truck that has seen better days is the sum total of what it is worth based on the weight of the metal alone. If there is a possibility that your clunker can be made to run again, a wrecker will likely offer you more money, then would a processor who will likely only see the far lower, scrap value.

Every year roughly 200,000 to 300,000 broken down junkers are abandoned on the nations roads. If you are local, and need assistance in getting an old lemon removed from your property, Minnesota Car Buyers is standing by right now to help you figure out which is the best value for your non-running pile of bolts.

With decades of experience in the industry, we understand exactly what to look for when it comes to the future of your auto. Will come directly to your home and give you our honest opinion on whether, or not your old rust bucket can be restored and resold to someone in need of inexpensive wheels, or if it would be safer just to haul it away, and have it melted down into bolts and screws. Either way, we will make you an offer for the fair value of it, and we will even haul it away for free.

Call Minnesota Car Buyers today, and let us help you say “Good-bye!” to that old heap!

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