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Do You Have a Salvage Car Problem?

Sooner or later, one way or another, it’s going to happen. Even if you are lucky enough to enjoy the life of your vehicle without being involved in a collision, eventually your old reliable cruiser is going to kick the bucket and become a salvage car.

Even the best automobiles can expect a lifetime average of around 200,000 miles of normal wear and tear before showing the irreversible signs of their age. That can equate to a lifetime of enjoyment for those classic Sunday drivers you have stored in the parking garage, but for your daily driver you’re looking at a little over 11 years of regular use before it begins to become a burden that no longer makes financial sense.

Over the years you likely paid out an average of $300.00 and change every time it needed to go into the shop for tires, brakes, or alignments etc. Keeping good maintenance habits helps your car last as long as possible, but it is likely that the parts that begin to wear out last will be much more expensive to repair in order to keep the old clunker running.

Drive trains, transmissions, engine seals and other major damage all begin to happen right around the same time, and cost thousands of dollars a piece to fix. Finally, you begin to realize that the old war-horse has run her last race. The only thing to figure out now is how to put it out to pasture.

At Minnesota Car Buyer we specialize in helping people make the difficult decisions when it comes time to retire ol’ Bessy, …or whatever you named it.

Just because your old wreck may not start anymore, or drive straight, or have doors, doesn’t mean that the old girl can’t deliver one last surprise and actually be worth some cash right up until your sorrowful separation.

Call us today, or visit us online and schedule an appointment to have one of our highly skilled, and courteous technicians meet you at your home and give your auto a thorough inspection that will let them be able to assess the current value of your property.

If the vehicle still runs, and can be restored we will offer you fair resale value. Even if it doesn’t, Minnesota Car Buyer will still pay you for the recycling worth of the junk metal, and on top of that we will even haul it away for you at no additional cost.

We have been in business a long time, and are a trusted name in the junk car buying industry. Call, or visit today!

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