Who Buys Junk Cars and Why?

When most people think of who buys junk cars they immediately envision a rusted graveyard behind high fences where cars and trucks no one wants are stored in the form of huge metal mountains of scrap. But who buys junk cars, and what value do they have once they cease to run?

Maybe someone comes around once in a while and picks a few spare parts off of them now and again, but eventually junk cars and trucks are compressed into tiny, but heavy blocks and sold off to various companies who make products out of the recycled materials.

Many a junk car has been bought, and hauled to the junkyard where it joins in this never ending process, but few people understand why anyone would want to buy these dilapidated rust buckets in the first place. The fact that a non-running vehicle may still contain some value has not escaped the keen eye of enterprising businesses like Minnesota Car Buyer, a company that specializes in buying junk cars.

Imagine how many junk vehicles would litter our nations highways and byways if someone did not take the time to haul them away. The environmental impact would be overwhelming. Junk cars, and trucks left to rot would leak oil, gasoline and other environment damaging fluids. Not to mention the dangers they would create on the roads as they are vandalized, and continue to collect and deteriorate.

Junk car buyers understand that thy are providing an important service not only to themselves and their clients, but also contribute to their surrounding by actively seeking out unwanted vehicles to restore, or recycle.

It doesn’t matter what your reason is for getting rid of an old automobile, even if it does not drive, or even start it still has value and may be worth your while to contact a specialist who can come right to your home and evaluate your used car, or truck.

Here at Minnesota Car Buyer we have multiple contacts in the auto, and salvage industry and we will work with you to arrive at a fair market value for your vehicle so the process of removal can begin, and you can get on with your life.

Your car can be in the worst condition imaginable, and we will still come and inspect it. If it doesn’t have any restoration value we will still offer you a fair price based on its scrap value, and haul your un-drivable car, or truck away for you at no extra charge.

Contact us today, and you’ll be on your way to having that old beater car removed by a professional. We’ll promise to leave you smiling with cash in hand!

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